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Promoted by a team of Technocrats and Educationists with years of top notch experience in the vast and ever-growing field of consultation and mentoring, Beyon Education is a young Boutique Services Company that aims to provide a one stop solution for students aiming to study at the best universities in Europe, particularly- The Netherlands.

Having years of experience in the International domain, this group of enthusiastic individuals come together to deliver the best consultation and guidance to students looking for it. Rather than carry a myriad of countries and universities, and becoming overwhelmed in the process, Beyon Education chooses to be an organization that focuses on a particular niche and aims to excel at it. Making this choice, Beyon carries in her rolodex, 10+ brilliant universities that stand out and provide the best education & experience to their students.

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Why Choose Us?

Direct Representatives for Ten Dutch Universities

We are the Indian Representatives for 10 of the Top Dutch Universities – University of Twente, Radboud University, Vrije University, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Han University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam Business School

Complete Guidance – Application to Pre-Departure

We help the student choose their course and university based on their requirements and guide them step by step from application to pre-departure process

Experts in Dutch Education system

We have a combined 15+ years of experience in the Dutch education system and we work closely with Top Dutch Universities

No Counselling fee

We are not consultants but Indian representatives of the Universities and our role is to enable quicker and easier communication between the University and the Student for a smooth application and admission process. And we do not charge the students.

Working with both Applied Sciences Universities– namely, Saxion University, Rotterdam Business School, HAN University, TIO University, The Hague Pathway College, NHL Stenden University, Wittenborg University, and Research Universities– namely, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Radboud University, Twente Pathway College and Utrecht University, our team prides themselves in doing their best to place the right students, in the right universities, for the right programmes.


We often see students getting anxious and overwhelmed by the admissions and application procedures and taking on an unnecessary amount of stress during the crucial period of their education. Unable to accept this, our team has set their minds to help ease the student’s process of getting into the university of their dreams, pursuing an education they love, without the fear of getting rejected due to reasons of technicality and not capability.


Taking it one step further, we have recently introduced our ‘Mentoring Services’ to students looking for extra guidance. We try to use our experience and expertise to identify the student’s strengths, interests and assets, and help them with the process of choosing the right university, make the best application, help arrange their pre and post departure needs & requirements, and connect them to all the best resources available to them. Our aim at Beyon Education therefore is to hand-hold our clients through this crucial period of their professional life, and ensure that they have every option available before making the best decision for themselves.

About Beyon

Meet the Team

We are domain experts in the niche fields we cater to and our collective knowledge and experience working with a western thought process in an Indian environment and a rich transactional network borne out of introducing renowned European institutions, technologies and processes into India over the past TEN YEARS will make it easier for our clients to hit the ground running.


Our aim is simple – help you enter the market at low cost, incubate your India business in a short time and then leave behind a strong, sustainable business for you to run independently. All our service offerings are built around this essential philosophy.


In keeping with our belief that boundaries exist to be broken, we also remain open to innovative Indian organizations with a strong technology or know-how base in our spheres of interest, who would like to use our experience and networks in Europe to cross-pollinate.


There is another well quoted cliché about India – India is a long term country where results will not happen overnight, but over time, no one fails!!! Well, at Beyon Education, we just like to work around clichés!!!

Sudha Sudeep


Beyon Borderz - UT India - Country Advisor (Marketing & Communications)

A dynamic woman entrepreneur in the space of Education. A Cost Accountant by training, after a brief career start in an MNC she quickly realised her passion was in education and for the past 15 years has been involved in establishing a successful business model to take European Higher Education to Indian students. Having started Nuffic’s Netherlands Education Support office in India, she is currently the Managing Director (India) for University Twente, one of the world’s top Technical universities based in The Netherlands. Sudha herself has studied Dutch History and Culture at the famous University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) and is a much sought after speaker at Education Events and Fairs all across India, as an authority on European, specifically Dutch, Higher Education.



Beyon Borderz - student Counsellor, UT - India office

 Rushali is an MBA graduate in Marketing and Human Resource who has experience in counselling students prior to her education. She is very helpful and down to earth and assists students with their queries regarding admission process. She can handle students with a personal touch ,having been a student herself not too long ago. She is also a team player which makes it easy for people to work with her. Outside work she is adventurous and always up for learning new things.




Beyon Borderz - Student Counsellor, UT - India Office

Preethika is a Student Counsellor at University of Twente. A graduate in engineering, she has been counselling students since her previous job. As a young enthusiastic and motivated individual, she can help students with a friendly approach and can handle them with a personal touch having been a student herself not too long ago. She is an organised person, has an adaptable personality and is fervent in trying out new things. Art and calligraphy are her favourite leisure activities.

Email: [email protected]


Beyon Borderz - Student Counsellor, UT - India Office

Varshinie is a visual communication graduate and a self taught artist. She is driven by her passion for working with students that has led her to becoming an educator and now a student counselor. With a diverse array of interests within the creative sphere and strong communication abilities, she aims to curate enriching experience for students and  provide guidance to help them realize their aspirations.

Email: [email protected]


Beyon Education - India Rep for Radboud University

Sathish Samuel is an English literature graduate with a background in business and recruitment, he have seamlessly transitioned into the role of a student counselor. He is very  passionate in guiding and supporting students on their journey to study abroad . He is dedicated in helping aspiring scholars realize their dreams of international education, providing them with the guidance and resources they need to succeed. With a deep appreciation for the power of words and communication, he is  committed in helping students write their own success stories and achieve their academic aspirations.”

Email: [email protected]


Beyon Education - Senior Student Counsellor

As a visual communication graduate, he has a good hand in creative marketing skills. Briefly followed his passion for cinematography which was challenging on its own, but moved on to pursue a new passion for helping students make their dreams come true. With admirable social skills and extremely friendly nature comes great responsibility, thus making his job of assisting young students much easier and fun. Presently imbibed in the role of counseling students to achieve their goals for a brighter and engaging future.


Email: [email protected]

Ajesh Kumar Venkatesan

Beyon Education -Student Counsellor

Ajesh Kumar Venkatesan is an engineering graduate. He has experience as a student advisor and will act as a mentor, assisting students in making decisions about their future while also being a good friend. These experts play a vital role in molding the educational paths of aspirant students and guaranteeing them a successful and rewarding study abroad experience by providing them with steadfast support and expert guidance.


Email: [email protected]


Beyon Education -Student Counsellor

Tharun is an engineering graduate, an adventurous explorer with a passion for discovery, He thrive’s on uncovering new experiences and cuisines around the globe. With a natural inclination towards communication and a knack for technology. He seamlessly navigate’s through diverse cultures and landscapes, sharing his adventures and insights along the way. With years of experience as a student counselor, the role is pivotal in providing support, and advocacy to students, offering academic advising, personal counseling, crisis intervention, and career guidance while fostering a supportive and inclusive campus environment through educational programming and resource referral.



Email: [email protected]

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